🇧🇬 Round table – Bulgaria, Karlovo – 24th of July

The main aim of the round table was to share useful online learning platforms and tools for young people, teachers and educational practitioners as well as to discuss the challenges of education nowadays- offline and online. The aim was reached thanks to the diversity of participants and the presentations made.

The director of the Youth Centre and our organisation Mrs. Zaharlieva acquainted the young people with the useful online platforms and tools for online learning, NFE, job finding such as: SALTO YOUTH, European Youth Portal, EURODESK, EURES.

The external speaker Mrs. Ilieva- an ex- teacher and educational expert spoke about the challenges young people face nowadays, their lack of motivation for traditional ways of studying and eager interest about online learning opportunities. She facilitated a debate about the challenges young people face in education field and both young people and teachers present shared that the educational system in Bulgaria is very conservative and needs changes and improvements- more interactive methods of teaching, more digital support materials such as video lessons, presentations, home assignments for distance learning etc.

Denislava Koleva- a university student , who has also participated in the seminar in Durres, Albania acquainted the participants with useful digital tools for making their presentations, lessons and youth sessions more interesting and interactive. She presented tools for VIDEO, PPT and PHOTO editing.

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