This project has been funded with support from the European Commission, Erasmus+
programme and it will last for 20 months (15th of December 2018 – 15th of August 2020).
Twenty-first century and unstoppable evolution of technologies have brought a brand new
order in all of the spheres of society, including the education.
The development of E-learning is one of the most rapidly expanding areas of education and
training, also when it comes to non-formal education and training activities. In youth work,
new tools are constantly needed in order to keep up with fast global changes, support youth’s
participation in society, active citizenship and to prevent new forms of social exclusion.
Historically, youth workers have been keen to absorb the new trends but with the new ICT
and online tools, the know-how of how to use these innovative approaches is not easy to get
and even when some youth workers have this know-how, it’s not easily mainstreamed.
This is why we youth workers needs to enhance the knowledge on creative use of ICT and
online tools in our work. We need new ways to work with the youngsters.
Main aim of this project is to build capacity of partner organisation for using online tools in
non-formal education, enhancing the quality of non-formal education and youth work. Project
activities will step-by-step build capacity of youth workers, trainers, youth leaders from
partner countries.

  • To explore ways of improving existing tools and creating new ones in order to make
    them more interactive, experiential and suitable for developing knowledge, skills,
    attitudes and values important in youth work.
  • To explore benefits and limitations of online learning in the context of NFE
  • To bring innovation in NFE by creating new methods, techniques and concrete tools
    for online learning
  • To build capacities of trainers, youth workers, active in the field of NFE of youth for
    using online learning tools in NFE
  • To create and implement online courses on national or international level.
  • Create an e-learning course linked to youth priorities of each partner;

    NGO Iuventa (Serbia)
    Associazione TDM 2000 (Italy)
    Beyond Barriers (Albania);
    Blink Kosova (BETTER LIFE IN KOSOVA) (Kosovo);
    Sal Fuera Elche (SAL FUERA ELX) (Spain);
    Youth and Civil Initiatives in the Rose Valley ( Bulgaria);
    Eesti People to People(Estonia)
    ASSOCIATION (Slovakia)

    • Create visual identity of the project
    • Creating project website
    • Research
    • Kick of meeting
    • Seminar “NFE and ICT and web tools for non-formal education – where we are”
    • Creating online learning platform
    • Round table – in each partner country
    • 2 nd Seminar – Improving existing and creating new online tools
    • Training course for online learning – Development of the eLearning skills / Introduction to Moodle
    • Local activity: Testing new tools and online curses
    • Webinars – 4 national webinars on topic
    • Manual for online learning in non-formal education
    • Conference – online learning and online tools in NFE
    • Evaluation meeting
    • Promotion and dissemination